Vibin’ in Huelva

It’s 23:53 on 01/03. Where has the year gone so far? I can’t believe how much everyone & everything around me has changed… Grown!!

In a couple of hours my mum & dad will be leaving!! The past few days have flew in & I will be sad to see them go (The vodka will help ease the pain I’m sure…). Their visit has made me realise how independent I can be. I have embraced it; cooking, cleaning, washing. All by myself.

I just can’t believe that in the past 5 and a half weeks I’ve been forced to grow up more than I would have back home & I couldn’t be happier with myself. It. Is. Crazy. Here’s to adventures & long may it continue.

You only get one life, but if you live it well, once is enough



Visit to Huelva from my parents


So happy to have my parents here until Saturday. It has been a long 5 weeks without them as I usually see them everyday. My mum is my best friend, so the time away has been hard!! However, not only did they come over to visit, they also brought over a load of supplies for me!! This included marshmallows, dairy milk, crunchies & irn-bru!!

Being away from them, truly makes me appreciate my mum & dad so much more. I look forward to the next few days that I get to spend with the two best people in my life.

I love you both very much & miss you everyday you are not with me xxx

Welcome to Huelva!

My first blog!!!  I’m only 5 weeks late in starting this, as that is how long it has been since I left home.  I don’t really know where the time has gone, but I have settled in nicely & even joined a gym!!!  I haven’t really got much to say tonight, but wanted to share a beautiful picture of the place I’m staying in for the next 5 months.  ImageMynext blog should hopefully be soon 🙂